Welcome at the Karl-Peter-Obermaier-Schule in Passau

Karl-Peter-Obermaier-SchuleWe, the Staatliche Berufsschule 1 Passau, as a centre for competent and innovative training and further education, are partners of the training companies in eastern Lower Bavaria for the following areas: Metal technology (manufacturing, supply and vehicle technology), electrical engineering, IT technology, personal hygiene, nutrition (gastronomy and butchers/butcher shop assistants) and agriculture.

We are in close contact with the training companies, chambers and guilds and cooperate constructively with them.

With more then 2.700 pupils, the state vocational school 1 is the largest state vocational school in the city and district of Passau. In general the duration for vocational training for all professions is 3 and 3,5 years respectively. Showing particularly good performance a shortening for the training period can be requested. For young people, who cannot find a vocational training opportunity, we offer the possibility to catch up with the Hauptschulabschluss, so they have a better chance transit into work life.

The Staatliche Berufsschule 1 Passau promotes the technical, methodological and social competence of its pupils. We create a pleasant teaching atmosphere in our attractive, modernly equipped rooms. Approximately 100 teachers teach the various learning contents in a job-related and practical manner. Through an intensive and professionally sound school education, we improve the life chances of our students.

We react to professional and social changes, to the constantly changing technical demands of industry and trade, but also to the life questions of young people. To this end, the vocational school association of the city and district of Passau has invested heavily in equipping the vocational school in recent years.